On a national level, all chapters of Phi Sigma Rho support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS). This is more than just a piece of our national culture. The LLS is an organization close to the hearts of many of our sisters. Most of us can name at least one friend or family member who has fought or is fighting a blood cancer. As a STEM sorority, we know the power of research and science. The LLS is the leading the field in blood cancer research and providing patients, survivors, families, and healthcare professionals with information, education, and support. We are proud to support the LLS through participation in the Light the Cleveland Night Walk and fundraising.


The Omicron chapter officially adopted a second philanthropy three years ago. We are proud to support the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio and specific local troops. Many of our members discovered their confidence,  passion for leadership, and ability to change the world while wearing a green sash. The Girl Scouts provided our members with opportunities that shaped them into the outgoing and empowered individuals they are. We want to pay that forward and help lift up the next generation of leaders. We work with local troops on badges and raise money for both the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio and specific local troops.

Coco and Cookies for Cancer

When it's for a cause as powerful as the Lukemia Lynphoma Society, our campus doesn't hesitate to pitch in. The caramel filled snicker-doodles maybe an additional motivation. Baking is part of our chapter culture. Over the years, we have perfected our chapter recipes and our semesterly bake sale is something campus looks forward to. We've even started taking special orders. When bake sale season rolls around, all the sister pile into the house, turn on the tunes, and become a homemade cookie factory.

Light the Night Walk

The Light the Night Walk is the national fundraiser for the LLS. We team up other local Phi Sigma Rho Chapters to raise money and participate in the Cleveland walk. Together we can drive out the darkness of cancer.

Phi Rho Your Boat

This is our annual cardboard boat race. Teams from other greek organizations, campus groups, and the general student body compete to build the best boat from cardboard, duct tape, and other recyclables. The entry fees and money raised from concessions are donated to the Girl Scouts.